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Legal assistance for citizens and organizations ✓

The questions arising before businessmen and ordinary citizens of the country, quite often require the legal solution. At their emergence it is impossible to do without services of the lawyer. Owners of business prefer to sign the contract with the legal agency and receive the timely help of professionals. Legal services, their list makes a reservation in advance, provided on a constant basis, received the name subscriber.

Cooperation with law firm has a number of advantages. The payment for legal services will appear less, than contents in staff of the company of one or several lawyers. Knowledge of the regular lawyer it is, as a rule, limited to concrete area of the right. Its participation will be useless at emergence of a problem which solution demands data from other sphere of the legislation. Presence of big staff of lawyers in law firm allows to pick up the necessary expert in each separate case. The similar organization of business gives the chance to provide to clients only high-quality legal services.
At the appeal to law firm, along with constant legal service, can receive also single - the urgent help of the lawyer.

The list of legal services includes the help in drawing up lease agreements, collecting and preparation of documents for receiving the credit for business development, execution of employment contracts. The qualified lawyers will help in questions of registration of the company and paperwork of any complexity including with the translation into foreign languages.

At emergence of controversial issues with contractors lawyers will be able to take all measures connected with pre-judicial settlement of the conflict. If the arisen problem does not manage to be solved peacefully, then the staff of the legal agency will be engaged in collecting and preparation of the necessary materials which will submit to court. Lawyers will be present at court session, for the purpose of protection of interests of the client.

In our life legal consultation on this or that question often is required. At the request of the client, she can be provided in an oral or written form.

Law firms provide the competent help in all fields of law, including also the Criminal Code. Lawyers will take active part in preliminary investigation, will visit the defendant in the pre-trial detention center and will provide reliable protection on trial.

Ravnovesiye law firm it is based in the city of Novosibirsk in 2006. For more than 13 years of the existence, the non-profit organization created for rendering legal and legal aid to the population turned into the united team of true professionals. Experts, the highest legal level which is not afraid of the difficult and tangled civil and criminal cases and ready to come the help in any, even the most difficult, life situation.

Lawyers have extensive experience of participation in trials on criminal and civil cases, and protection of legitimate rights of suspects and defendants at a stage of preliminary investigation. Main category of affairs (specialization) of lawyers of lawyer bureau:
- corporate law;
- family law;
- housing right;
- land law;
- debt obligations;
- protection on preliminary investigation on criminal cases;
- protection at all stages of criminal proceedings.

Legal services in Novosibirsk
Legal assistance in Novosibirsk
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