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The non-profit partnership "Equilibrium" has been operating in the legal services market in Novosibirsk for more than 10 years. We offer legal assistance in civil and criminal cases, legal advice and represent interests in court proceedings. Our experience, professionalism and flexible pricing policy allows us to take a leading place among other law firms in our city.

Lawyers (attorneys), in accordance with the law, have the right to provide any kind of legal assistance. We provide legal assistance in civil, criminal, administrative, tax, land, family and other categories of cases. Legal assistance can be expressed in the organization and conduct of procedures provided by law (meetings, notifications), preparation of necessary documents, representation and protection of interests in the Executive authorities, law enforcement agencies, participation in judicial proceedings. Professional legal assistance will help to understand the legal aspects of the situation, and make a steam decision./p>

In fact, it is necessary to apply to a lawyer only in such situations.
1. Solving everyday problems. This section includes all situations that arise at the household level, but require proper operations with the law – inheritance registration, division of property, divorces with spouses. If you make a mistake in these operations, you can not only lose money, but also go to prison. As you know, in this situation, it is not worth risking with the principles.
2. Carrying out complex commercial operations. Registration of loans, reorganization of the company – a complex monetary transactions, which lies in a lot of legal dangers that can not be passed through.
3. Defending their interests. In a court duel of two opponents often wins not the one who is right, and the one who hired more skilled lawyer. That is why entering the courtroom without legal advice is the first step to losing the case.
Contact our company and get a reliable defender of your interests.

All detailed information about the conclusion of the agreement with the Law firm in Novosibirsk "Equilibrium" and read the preliminary text of the agreement, you can always visit the legal services website http://www.advocate-novosibirsk.com

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